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Jan 27, 2019

Shards and War For Sale Free to Download
Apr 26, 2012 Chrome

We're happy to announce that we've been given the green light to share our two CAV sourcebooks for free! We'd like to thank everyone who worked on these and everyone who bought them when they were originally released. Now everyone can enjoy them.

The books are designed for use with CAV 2nd Edition. Right-click on the images below and select "Save As" to download them.


If you don't already have the CAV 2 rules, you can download those from Reaper's website for free too. If you'd like to try some new casinos you can always visit this portal and choose one

Death in the Family
Aug 11, 2011 Chrome

I'm sad to say that one of our Mil-Net members passed away yesterday. Brian Horton, neuroangel on our forums, had an aneurysm early yesterday morning and passed away in the hospital late in the afternoon. Besides being a CAV fan, Brian was an active Black Lightning member during the CAV 2 years and was one of our playtesters for the Mil-Net books.

He will be missed.

If you believe that God listens to prayer, please say one for Brian's family. He left behind his wife and two children, with a third due in October.

Website Update
Jun 08, 2010 Chrome

I did a little maintenance this afternoon and got the place cleaned up a little bit. The database for the miniatures gallery is back online again, so the links to the Miniatures List, CAV & Pilot, Miniatures Gallery, and Drawing Board are all working again. Then I removed a few items from the menu, like the link to the Store, since we no longer have anything to sell, and most of the links that led to anything to do with Mil-Net as a business.

Finally I rewrote the News Archive page so that its a little easier to navigate. Now you only see links to months where we actually posted news. Best of all it will update automatically, so I don't have to go in every month and update it manually. Man I should have done that 9 years ago. LOL

I even added a rudimentary News Search page. Its nothing advanced, just enter your search term and hit the button. But it should help you find older articles if you're looking for something specific. I don't have a menu image for it yet, so for right now the only way to use it is to go to the News Archive and click the link on that page.

Mar 05, 2010 Chrome

I've noticed that a lot of links and datasources are still broken. I've contacted FreeFall about them but I believe he is currently tied up with an off-site business conference this week, so please bear with us until we get things sorted out.

We're Moving!
Feb 25, 2010 FreeFall
We're moving to a new server this week! Please pardon any broken links or components/forums which may be down during this transition. We should be set to go this weekend.

Thanks everyone!

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