Level 4The Armchair General

Faction: Ritterlich
Doctrine: Lightning Warfare
User Level: Veteran

This task force goes old school back to the days of Ritt tank superiority. Every model in the task force has its effectiveness increased through the free Assault SA provided by the Lightning Warfare Doctrine. It has a good mix of hard and soft target capabilities, as well as a few Strikes to deal with those unknown situations. Plus its just a cool looking army on the table top.

Task Force Breakdown

Cost of Miniatures:
 3000 points (2992 actual)
Total # of Models:
Total # of Sections:

* The above price is for True Scale Models. The Chieftains may also be purchased in a 2 pack, smaller scale package. The Task Force Cost using these miniatures is $70.92.

Task Force List
Armor 1
Wolverine x3

Armor 2
Chieftain x4

Fire Support
Manitcore x4

Strike Pool
Air Strike
Smoke Strike x3

Use Armors 1 and 2 to flank your opponent's main force. Be sure to keep your 35Rs hidden behind the other tanks so that your opponent can't get any direct attacks on them. If need be, the 35Rs can call in Smoke Strikes to prevent your opponents from getting LOS on you when you're caught out in the open.

Armor 2 is your flanking force; use them to get across the table fast if your opponent has any Fire Support models that you want to engage. Their PBGs hold up well against all but the large, faction Fire Sup models, while their MGs can be used against enemy mortar teams. The Wolverines are almost as fast as the Chieftains, but the hover tanks can more easily ignore any terrain modifiers that may hinder the treaded Wolverines.

The Fire Support section is fast and flexible. With the free Assault SA they can move 26" per turn and fire their IA's with no penalties. That should be more than enough mobility to allow you to move them up into short range of most targets, where they can Chain Lock their attacks onto one location. Then withdraw if the enemy gets too close.

Once you've closed to direct fire range with your armor sections, be sure to make the most use of your Doctrine. Use Run N Gun to move your tanks out from behind cover, attack, and then back into cover. With their low profiles, they should have no problems finding hills or buildings to hide behind, which will deny your opponent LOS during his activations and force him to close with your forces. You can either choose to use your superior mobility to keep your distance from them, or take the direct approach and go toe to toe with him, relying on your Wolverines' high DVs to keep them alive while the Chieftains skirt around the edges of the battle.

Use the one included Air Strike at the most opportune moment. Its a good way to inflict that first point of damage on an enemy Recon Model. You can also swap it out for a Cruise Missile if you prefer.


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