Level 4The Armchair General

Faction: Rach
Doctrine: Children of the Storm
User Level: Veteran

This task force is for lightning raids. Perfect for scenarios where capturing an objective or object is the goal not stand up fights. The key to survival is speed, keep moving make quick strikes and move on.

Task Force Breakdown

Cost of Miniatures:
 3000 points (2999 actual)
Total # of Models:
Total # of Sections:

* The above price is for True Scale Models. The Badgers may also be purchased in a 2 pack, smaller scale package. The Task Force Cost using these miniatures is $148.37.

Task Force List
Mogul x5

Mechanized Infantry
Armored Rifle Team x2 w/FiST, AT-23 Upgrades
Armored Rifle Team x2 w/FiST Upgrade
Badger x2 w/Increased Transport Capacity Upgrade

Vanquisher x2

Flight (w/Orbital Insertion Upgrade)
Kharl x2

Strike Pool
Air Strike x2
Smoke Strike x5

Speed = Life

Your armor section is your hunting pack. Keep them always on the move, darting in and out of range. You will be tempted to slow the section down to use the ECM bonus from the Kahn but try to keep them all double moving till you can bring them to point blank range with your opponents defenders. Combine your attacks on the most dangerous targets one at at time. With a barrage of 10 Gauss Canon shots you'll make even super heavies think twice.

For the objectives use your Infantry teams. These are not the specialized armor hunting teams the Rach are known for, these are rapid deployment teams. Get them in get the objective and get out. Liberal use of your smoke will help you get on target quickly under cover.

Your specialist section is there to deal with pesky infantry and soft targets rushing to get to those very same objectives you are. Again keep them moving and keep them out of range of your opponents.

Last but not least is your flight section, outfitted for orbital insertion they can be anywhere on the board you need them. Use them to disrupt your opponents plan, strike deep in side their lines to take out support units or hunt down soft targets racing to objectives. Also don't be afraid to sacrifice them for the objective. Drop them dead center in front of your opponent to draw fire away from your other units.


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