Level 4The Armchair General

Faction: Adonese
Doctrine: Fire and Fury Warfare
User Level: Green

This task force is a simple, straight forward force for a newer player who wants a resilient armor section. It can hit well at range and is backed by a strong air contingent. The armor and Tsuisekis are great hard target killers while the Kharls will balance the force with some good hitting power against both hard and soft targets.

Task Force Breakdown

Cost of Miniatures:
 3000 points (2995 actual)
Total # of Models:
Total # of Sections:

* The above price is for True Scale Models. The Tsuisekis may also be purchased in a 2 pack, smaller scale package. The Task Force Cost using these miniatures is $91.42.

Task Force List
Mantis x3

Tsuiseki x2
Longbow (w/ECM and EST Upgrades)

Kharl x2

Strike Pool
Smoke Strike x2

No Huddle Offense

Make sure you declare all ECM active during the deployment phase, try placing your Kharls so that they are within the ECM bubble of either the Recluse or Longbow when they start. Activate your Specialist Section first to use your Longbow to call in smoke strikes to cover the Armor Section's move, allowing them to close to the short range band as quickly as possible. The Armor Section is a good distance hitter with some staying power, using the Recluse EST bonus of +4 the Mantis's will be rolling with +10 inside of 36" and +8 in their second range band (6 feet!). The Chancellor will be rolling at +11 in its short range band and +9 in its second.

Keep your forces spread out to the maximum ECM coverage. The Adonese advantage is their "No Huddle Offense". Under the Fire and Fury Warfare Doctrine your ECM range is doubled allowing them to spread out 8" from the Recluse and 6" from the Longbow. While the Flight Section does not have an ECM model within its section, don't forget you can duck under the umbrella of the Longbow or Recluse to gain the benefits offered when needed.

Concentrate your fire on the CAVs covering your opponent's ECM model, take the one out directly in front of it and quickly destroy it. Once destroyed stay just within the Short Range Band and methodically take out the CAVs starting with the most dangerous one working your way down. Concerted attacks are your best bet, once you open the hole in your opponent's huddle if the ECM model is not dealt with then finish him off with your Tsuiseki's. Most ECM models have a 9 or 10 DV, selecting that model with your EST Longbow gives your Tsuiseki's shots at +6 and +7 in their Short Range Bands respectively.

Infantry and enemy soft targets can be dealt with best by use of your Kharls, so don't hesitate to crater that Nomad. Keep them in cover, dart out and take a shot and move back behind cover, but be wary when dealing with enemy model's fielding Shredder weapons.


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