Level 4The Armchair General

Faction: Templars
Doctrine: Elite Training
User Level: Elite

This task force is about tactics, patience and seizing opportunies. It requires the player to think on his feet, play defensively and show restraint in order to make the army work at full efficiency.

Task Force Breakdown

Cost of Miniatures:
 3000 points (2994 actual)
Total # of Models:
Total # of Sections:

Task Force List
Dictator '60 x2

Warlord x2

Fire Support
Trebuchet x3

Frustrate your opponent to the point where he over-extends his forces and makes tactical mistakes.

First of all, this army is designed for larger tables with a good amount of LOS blocking terrain. A 4'x6' table is alright, a 4'x8' table is optimal.

You're going to reverse the normal methods of playing with each of your army's sections. You're going to leave your two Armor sections at the back of the table as a reserve, while you use the mobile Trebuchets as a skirmishing force, moving around your third of the table, firing Indirect Attacks at your opponent, while denying him LOS to any of your models.

On the first turn, force your opponent to make all of the moves. If you can deploy your Armor sections in locations that block LOS to them, simply Pass on your first two init cards and watch and see what your opponent does. If your armor isn't under cover, do double moves to put them a position that gives them effective cover. Save the Trebuchets for last, and use them based on what your opponent has done. If he's moving some fast gunships or transports down the table, feel free to Target Lock and light 'em up. If he hangs back, Run N' Gun your Trebs to cover and fire off all 6 IA's at his biggest group. If you drift, you might still hit something.

The lone exception to this rule is if your opponent starts out with some Recon elements out on the table and a Strike Pool for them to use. In this instance, feel free to use your first init card to activate the Trebuchets and nuke his Recon models. Six +4 (+6 vs Soft) IA shots should be enough to ruin most Recon Sections, and if you can take them out before they launch any of their strikes, that puts you ahead of the curve.

So long as you can use the terrain to your advantage and keep his models out of LOS of your Trebuchets, use them aggressively to soften up his models as they cross the table. Always focus on the section that is farthest down the table, so he's encouraged to move them as fast as possible to get a shot off at your IA guys. All it takes is a few lucky die rolls against one of his huddles to make him start sweating and focusing on your Trebuchets. Use the Trebuchets to lure that front section farther and farther away from his other models (especially if one of his sections has a slow, Super Heavy in it), then when you get him where you want him, move your Armor sections out from behind cover and put a hurting on him.

Your Trebuchets should have gotten one or two hits on most of the models in that section, so they should be no problem for your Superiority Models to finish off. As soon as that section is killed off, move your Armor back behind cover and continue your harassing attacks with your Trebs. If you've played your cards right, your Trebs should be unscratched, while your Armor units should only have slight damage from Defensive Fire.

The one thing that might throw a hitch in this plan is if your opponent is packing a large Fire Support section of his own. These will probably be more of a threat to your Trebuchets, since they'll be farthest out on the table and give your opponent better to-hit numbers on his IA rolls. If this happens, try and ignore the enemy IA models as long as possible. With the Treb's Counter Battery SA and high RAVs, you're as likely to inflict damage with your Defensive Fire as he is with is initial Attacks. If he ignores your Trebs and goes for your Armor units, try and put as much distance as possible between them to maximize the range penalties on his Drift Rolls.

Only after you've whittled his army down should you finally begin to move your Armor sections on the offensive. Continue hammering the final section with your IA, while the Superiority CAVs close the gap into short range with their targets.


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