Level 4The Armchair General

Faction: Terran
Doctrine: Air Superiority
User Level: Veteran

This task force is for the experienced Terran player looking to unbalance his opponent with a slightly soft target heavy force. Outfitting the aircraft with EST and ECM pods will give you the hit modifiers you'll need to take down hard targets, after you've softened them up with Air Strikes.

Task Force Breakdown

Cost of Miniatures:
 3000 points (2998 actual)
Total # of Models:
Total # of Sections:

* The above price is for True Scale Models. The Tsuisekis may also be purchased in a 2 pack, smaller scale package. The Task Force Cost using these miniatures is $101.51.

Task Force List
Armor 1
Dictator '60
Starhawk VI
Talon OEM

Tsuiseki x2
Longbow w/ EST and ECM Pods

Flight 1
Dragonfly w/ EST Pod

Flight 2
Dragonfly w/ EST Pod

Strike Pool
Smoke Strike x4

Make sure you declare all ECM active during the deployment phase as always, this is an easily forgotten step when playing CAV. Size up your opponents forces during his deployment, be mindful to protect your soft skin aircraft. It will be your choice but you have two options, either spread them out to limit your opponent's chances of taking out full sections with his Indirect Fire weapons or keep them encased in an ECM bubble. Given the delicate nature of the Longbow's and Dragonfly's I think separating them would be the best tactic, that will depend on both your own playing style and the forces arrayed against you. Once activated you can move them close to one another to share the benefits of ECM/EST, I would also activate the air units first in order to be able to close within shooting range as well as FiST range for use of your Air Strikes immediately.

These tactics are taking into account the game being played on a large 6' table, adjust your movements and actions accordingly for a shorter or longer table. Activate one of your Air Sections first and do a single move to 11" (Tsuiseki's max movement) and take up a position behind cover keeping your aircraft spread out beyond your opponents Indirect AOE's. Have your Dragonfly's call in Smoke Strikes using their FiST capability to mask your movement. On the next activation you should be within Air Strike range (48") if you're not already due to activations. If you are, then call in an Air Strike on the most dangerous target. On the next activation you can bring your craft together to benefit from the EST bonus on your Dragonfly's. Once your air units are in place, you should activate your Armor Section and double move it as well to your Talon's max movement of 12" so you can activate your ECM. You're only shorting yourself 4" of movement here as the max movement of your Ronin is 16" on a double move but you're keeping your ECM bonus.

Keep your Specialist Section for last, use the Longbow to call in a Smoke Strike if needed or save it for next turn. Again you can either separate your aircraft or bring them together under the ECM bubble, your choice.

One of your Dragonfly's should TL the most serious threat and your Tsuiseki's should go after that target, the other Dragonfly can then either call in an Air Strike or drop Smoke where needed. With this force composition the most serious threats will be indirect fire weapons and any model with a significant /Shredder value. Keep moving your Armor Section up the board, they will probably get the most attention if your opponent is carrying mainly /Piercing models.

Once threats to your air assets are taken out, concentrate your fire and Air Strikes on the ECM models. Once destroyed stay just within the Short Range Band and methodically take out the CAV's starting again with the most serious threat and work your way down the line. Concerted attacks are the way to go, most ECM models have a 9 or 10 DV, selecting that model with your EST Longbow gives your Tsuiseki's shots at +6 and +7 in their Short Range Bands respectively.

Infantry and enemy soft targets can be dealt with best by use of your Air Strikes and IFM's. This is just one way to make use of these sections and may not suit your playing style or the flow of activations. If your opponent gets the initiative and brings his forces within range before you move, you can cut your movements to single moves and use your Air Strike immediately without waiting for the next turn when they are in range.


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