Level 4CAV Developer's Journal
By Rob Davis

To say that the last year has been a whirlwind for us here at Mil-Net would be kind of an understatement. We've re-written the rules not once, but twice. We improved the point system behind the Data Cards, reviewed every card and tweaked almost all of them, built a small handful of kit-bash models along with everything needed to make them official and published a book in that time. Oh, and we released 73 separate items over the past 50-some weeks on a weekly basis. And then there's the behind the scenes type stuff that I can't even talk about. All in all, I guess we did a pretty good job for a bunch of fan boys, huh?

I can tell you though that it's a lot of hard work. More than I ever imagined back when Ed and I first talked about this deal. There's been days when I've just wanted to say to hell with it and give up. There's been days like today, where I really don't feel like working on CAV, but I know that I have to kick out a Friday Update, lest I disappoint all of you great fans. But every time I get those feelings, one thought snaps me back into action: I really do love this game. We really have one of the best kept secrets of the gaming world here in CAV, as it is simply one of the best gaming systems around. Sure people scoff at us for playing a game that "nobody else plays" or gripes that no new minis have been released since who knows when. But to me, I'd rather play a great game with my old models, than have new minis every week, but some crappy rules system that my friends and I are constantly having to tweak with house rules, just so its fun to play.

CAV has managed to maintain a system that's easy to learn and use, yet is still extremely flexible and deep. There's not very many other games out there that can say the same thing. I'm proud of that. I can only hope that we can continue to build on those three principles in a manner that continues to strengthen the game.

To that end, I'm very excited about what we have planned for 2008. In case you've been living in a cave, we released the Shards scenario book on PDF a few weeks ago and are hoping to have the book in print in time for Origins (June 25th). Seeing our first book available for sale was a pretty big deal for us, but that didn't mean that we were going to sit back and take it easy. Before you could say "Ohm ra nursach", we were back at it again, starting work on our next project.

That next project is titled War for Sale (at least until we change our minds for the 5th time) and will focus on the mercenaries and other independents of the CAV universe. It's going to have a lot of background fluff, ranging from the major players like General Drake, MercNet and the Rock Rovers, to new units like the Snow Wolves and Certain Victory. There'll be something for everyone though, as we'll also be looking at how old mercenary groups like the Red Spades and Kolditz have been integrated back into their nation's fighting forces. In addition to the fluff, we'll be introducing a new Doctrine for each faction, some new SAs and Upgrades, a bunch of new Data Cards and maybe one or two other surprises for you.

We've put the pedal to the metal for this project, with the goal of having it available in PDF in time for Origins and in print by GenCon. Yes you read that right; a second CAV book, in print, by GenCon. So if you don't see FreeFall, Akela, Kai, Moezilla, Jeremy or the other guys around the forums as much over the next several weeks, its because I've got them locked up in the sweatshop hammering away on their keyboards.

Oh, I almost forgot! Since I know you're all going to ask anyways, War for Sale will be the same size as Shards and sell at the same price points.

The good news doesn't stop there though. We've already begun planning out our 3rd book and I'll be submitting it to Reaper for approval in the next few weeks. This one will have a targeted release date of early winter and will really bring the 2nd Galaxy War to life.

So hang on tight for the rest of the year. It's going to be a fun ride!


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