Level 3Black Lightning Dictator Data Card
Foreward by Rob Davis

In October of 2001, I had the privilege of awarding the first Gkw-14 Dictators at a tournament we Mil-Net admins ran at Nuke-Con in Omaha, NE. The BL Dictators consisted of the newly cast CAD designed Dictator torsos and legs, along with two specially made arms, which were Gkw-14 Gauss Cannons instead of the Dictator's standard Gkw-12's. These new guns had the special ability to fire in Overdrive mode, which was represented by an entirely different line on the model's data card. In Overdrive mode, the 14's had increased RAV and Range, but after you were done resolving your attacks, your model took a point of damage itself. They were risky, but when overdriven they hit even harder than a Rhino's Maxim Ones!

As time passed the models were given the nickname "BL's" due to the fact that the only way you could get one was to win a tournament run by a member of Reaper's Black Lightning Demo Team. The winner even received a special certificate with their mini, signed and dated by the BL who awarded it, so that he or she could use the BL Dictator in events run by other demo reps.

Eventually, the Journal of Recognition 2 was published in 2003 and Overdrive became available to everyone in the form of the '70 Dictator. A few months later, while planning another Nuke-Con tournament, I received a prize package from Gary at Reaper. Inside it was one BL Dictator and a note from him apologizing for not being able to send the others I'd requested; this was the last one left.

So while I feel bad for those of you too new to CAV to have ever had a chance to win one, I'm happy that we can give you grizzled veterans a new toy to play with.

BL Dictator Data Card


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