Level 3Faction Doctrines

Please test out these two new Doctrines and let us know what you think of them.


Unwavering Devotion Doctrine
The Hand of Khardullis
Any Model in your army may pray to Khardullis for His blessing, giving the faithful the will to fight on. Perform a Specialty Action to activate the Hand of Khardullis. The Model may add a +2 bonus to a single die roll made by the Model before its next activation. The next die roll performed by an enemy player targeting this Model suffers a -2 penalty. Any bonuses or penalties not used by the Model's next activation are lost. These bonuses stack with all other modifiers. A natural 10 must still be rolled to trigger any Auto 10 rules.


Improved Durability Doctrine
Enhanced Delivery System

Revised hose layouts and additional spray nozzles allow more RMEs to be delivered to where they are needed. All non-Infantry Models in your Task Force gain +1 RpR.

RMEs Mk2
Advancements in nano-technology make the latest generation of RMEs even more advanced. All your non-Infantry Models gain the Rugged SA.


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