Level 4Optional Sound Effect Rules

When the Sound Effects Rule is in effect, all players must provide sound effects for their Models. If one or more players in a game want to use the Sound Effects Rule, all other players must comply or else forfeit the game.

Sound Effect Examples (discretion advised if browsing from work)
Super Heavy CAV Walking

Attack CAV

Recon CAV



Gunship Flying

Gunship hovering in place

Wheeled vehicle

Wheeled vehicle turning

Machine Gun fire

Gauss Gatling Cannon

GGC w/Shredder

Gauss Cannon

Rotary Gauss Cannon

Laser Bolt Gun

LBG w/Linked

Particle Bolt Gun

Direct Fire Missile

Indirect Fire Missile


Multiple sound effects may be strung together to perform an Action. For example a Run N Gun Action could consist of a Attack CAV moving sound, followed by a Gauss Cannon firing sound, and some more Attack CAV moving sounds.


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