Level 3Catastrophic Damage Rules

When the Catastrophic Damage optional rule is used add the following text to the critical hits section on page 91.

Some times critical damage can be so catastrophic that it becomes a spectacle to watch and a danger to those around the target Model. Catastrophic Damage comes in two varieties:

Catastrophic Failure - A lucky shot temporarily overwhelms the target's Defensive Fire systems, rendering them inoperable. If the second Attack Roll made for a Critical Hit results in a natural or Auto 10, the target Model is unable to return any Defensive Fire for the remainder of the activation. The target Model loses its Defensive Fire regardless of whether or not any additional damage is inflicted by the Critical Hit.

Example: Jason fires at Frank's Butcher and rolls a natural 10 for his Attack Roll, resulting in a Critical Hit. Jason makes his second Attack Roll to see how much additional damage the Critical Hit inflicts and rolls another natural 10. The Butcher's Shielding SA saves it from taking any additional damage, but because of the natural 10, the Butcher's systems are overloaded and it is unable to return Defensive Fire for this activation.

Catastrophic Explosion - A Critical Hit is scored against a highly vulnerable system and the target explodes in a ball of fire, shrapnel and ammunition. This explosion may damage other nearby Models. Any single Critical Hit that inflicts twice the amount of damage as the target Model's number of Damage Tracks, causes a Catastrophic Explosion. The Model's number of Damage Tracks is its number of Damage Tracks at the beginning of the current activation. Using the center of the target Model as a Target Point, resolve an AOE Attack with RAV and EOE equal to the target Model's full number of Damage Tracks. All Models in the AOE are effected, regardless of which player they belong to. Damage from this AOE attack is applied at the same time as all other damage from the original Attack Roll.

Example: Keith fires upon Patrick's Dictator which is on its 3rd Damage Track. Keith rolls a natural 10 for his Attack roll, scoring a Critical Hit. Keith's second Attack Roll (to determine critical damage) is another natural 10, resulting in a whopping 5 points of extra damage. With no Shielding to prevent any damage, the attack inflicts 6 points of total damage, twice the number of points as the Dictator has Damage Tracks remaining (6 points of damage versus 3 Damage Tracks). Patrick's Dictator explodes, causing a RAV 3, AOE/3 attack.

Infantry Models can not suffer Catastrophic Explosions, but are still effected by the Catastrophic Failure rule.

If the Catastrophic Damage optional rule is used, this Task Force Upgrade becomes available.

Availability: All except Infantry
Point Cost: 50
Effect: The Upgraded Model may perform a Specialty Action, causing the Model to immediately be destroyed in a Catastrophic Explosion. Resolve the AOE attack using the Model's current number of Damage Tracks.

Called by many names in many different cultures the explosive vests of old has followed the progression of military technology. The martyr strategically places high-yield explosives through out his vehicle and triggers the explosion where he thinks it will do the most damage.

If the upgraded Model is destroyed by a Catastrophic Explosion caused by another Model, the explosives add to the carnage, increasing the RAV and AOE of the explosion by +1.

When calculating Victory Conditions, any Model destroyed via the Martyr Upgrade is considered destroyed by the opposing player. Any Models damaged or destroyed by the Martyr's explosion are awarded to the player controlling the Martyr Model. If multiple sides are involved in the game, the owner of the model closest to the destroyed Martyr is awarded the points.

Example 1: Bruce's zealot nature has caused him to include Martyr Upgrades on several of his units. During the game Bruce sees the opportunity for one of his damaged units to make the ultimate sacrifice. Bruce moves his heavily damaged Assassin near some enemy Models and triggers its explosives with a Specialty Action. The Assassin had 2 Damage Tracks remaining, so it causes a RAV 2 attack against any model within 2" of the Assassin.

Example 2: Patrick has loaded one of his Models with a Martyr Upgrade and is heading strait towards the enemy. Unfortunately it comes under heavy fire and suffers a Critical Hit for 7 points of damage. Patrick's Model has 3 Damage Tracks at the time the damage takes place, so the attack results in a Catastrophic Explosion. Normally this would cause a RAV 3, AOE/3 explosion, but since the Model was packed with explosives from the Martyr Upgrade, +1 is added, resulting in a RAV 4, AOE/4 attack.


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