Level 3Shards Scenario Book

We here at Mil-Net are happy to announce our first CAV supplement; the Shards scenario book. This 96 page book builds on events detailed in the CAV 2 rulebook and the short story found here on Mil-Net, to show how this once peaceful galaxy erupted in all-out war. Shards will contain fiction, background information, twelve scenarios detailing the start of the Second Galaxy War and more. It will be available in Q4 2007.

We'd like to give you a small sample of what you can expect from Shards, but it won't be free. After downloading this little scenario tentatively named "Enemy Contact", we'd like you to play it out with a few of your friends and provide us with feedback on it. We'll keep a thread pinned in the forums for talking about it.

Also stay tuned over the next few weeks as we provide you with a few more peeks behind the curtain as Shards nears its release date.



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