Level 3Special Ability

A Model with the ECCM SA may conduct a Specialty Action to create a 9" AOE around itself. Enemy Models inside the AOE receiving a bonus from an ECM or EST Pod will suffer a penalty equal to the ECCM Model's TC value. Models inside the ECCM AOE may perform their own Target Lock and Jamming Actions with no penalty. The penalty may never reduce the ECM or EST bonus below 0.

Example: Tom's Dictator is inside of his Kahn's ECM bubble. Frank declares a Specialty Action to active his Raptor's ECCM Pod and then performs a Movement Action so that the Dictator is inside the Puma's AOE. The Kahn has a TC of 3, while the Raptor has a TC of 2, leaving the Dictator with a +1 bonus to its DV.
(3 ECM Pod bonus - 2 ECCM Pod penalty = +1 bonus)

Task Force Upgrade

Availability: Any Model
Point Cost: 40 Points
Effect: Grants the Model the benefits of the ECCM SA


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