Level 3Optional Rules

Tactical Maneuvering
In combat, a vehicle's pilot has two primary responsibilities: to coordinate with his section-mates to achieve maximum efficiency as a unit and to put his vehicle in a position where his Wizzo can maximize damage to the enemy while minimizing damage to themselves. A Section has to work as a team if they want to survive on the battlefield. By utilizing the basic tactics taught to every combat crew during basic training, a Model may receive bonuses to its Attack Rolls. If two or more Models from the same section are attacking the same target, and the distance between the attackers is enough that their LOS's are on significantly different paths, they can Flank or even Turn their target.

Steps for gaining a Flanked or Turned bonus:

  1. Attacker declares all Ranged Attacks, determines LOS and Cover.
  2. Defender chooses one attacking Model to declare as the Primary Attacker.
  3. Trace a line from the center of the target Model to the center of the Primary Attacking Model and make note of which side of the hex base the line crosses on the target Model. This base side is considered the target's Front Hex Side for the resolution of these Ranged Attacks.
  4. Trace the same center-point to center-point line for all of the other attacking Models in the Section.
  5. Any Ranged Attacks that cross the target's Front Hex Side, or either of the Hex Sides adjacent to it, gain no bonus to their Attack rolls.
  6. Any Ranged Attacks crossing the other 3 Hex Sides gain a +1 Flanking bonus to their Attack Rolls.
  7. If the target's Model Type is Vehicle or Gunship, any Ranged Attacks crossing the Hex Side opposite of the target's Front Hex Side (as determined in Step 3) gain an additional +1 Turning bonus to their Attack Rolls.

If the target Model does not have a Hex Base, treat the model as if it has 4 sides: Front, Back, Left and Right, using the rules on Page 61 under Model Facing to determine the Model's Front side. Follow steps 1-4 as outlined above. Step 5 changes so that any Ranged Attacks crossing the same Model Side gain no bonus. Step 6 changes to any Ranged Attacks crossing an adjacent Model Side get the +1 Flanking bonus and Step 7 changes so that any Ranged Attacks crossing the opposite side of the Model (Vehicle or Gunship only) gain the +2 Turning bonus.


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