Level 4CAV Soccer
By Patrick Haughton and Matt Ragan

Sometimes it's fun to just hang out and play a friendly game of soccer. How much more fun would it be to play soccer with an 80 ton machine mounting some of the most lethal weaponry of the 23rd century? A couple generations ago, a tradition sprang up among the various military academies of Earth. Upper-class cadet crews played soccer using old or junked personal transports as the ball. Team pilots learned the coordination, timing, and gained experience maneuvering their CAVs in the close quarters madness of the crowded battlefield and the reflexes learned via competitive play between the various academies was incredible. Team WSOs learned firsthand the skills needed to line up shots against enemy targets as their pilot was dodging, ducking, and weaving in an attempt to score points with the ball. In no time at all the Imperial Cup was born!

Today the Imperial Cup is open to teams from Military Academies, city police forces, and even the occasional mercenary unit. Even with the break out of the Second Galaxy War, national teams take the Imperial Cup very seriously as a source of pride and propaganda.

CAV Soccer Rules


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