Level 3 - Unofficial Rules: TestingOptional Rules

Defensive Fire

The CAV battlefield is a deadly place; this optional rule makes it even deadlier. A Model may use all of its weapons when resolving Defensive Fire. Existing Defensive Fire rules such as no Defensive Fire past a weapon's Long Range band and the NRF SA still apply. All Defensive Shots taken during a Section's Activation must be fired at the same target.

John activates his Armor Section and declares that both of his Dictators and his Emperor will attack Clint's Scorpion. After the attacks have been resolved, Clint declares that he will be resolving Defensive Fire against John's Emperor. He then resolves Attack Rolls for the Scorpion's gauss cannon and both DFM missle packs. Clint may not split his Defensive Fire against multiple attackers from John's Section.

Clint activates his Flight Section, moving his Overlords directly behind John's Badger and then declares and resolves Ranged Attacks against the Badger. After the attacks have been resolved, John declares his Defensive Fire against the Overlord closest to his Badger. The Badger's MG's have the NRF SA, so they can not be used when resolving the Defensive Fire.

Clint activates his Armor Section, and declares that one of his Scorpions will attack John's Badger, which is just barely hanging on. Clint's attacks come from in front of the Badger, but the range is 40", so the Badger's MG's can not be used for Defensive Fire since their target is beyond their Long Range band.


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