Level 4New Optional Rules - Beta

New Upgrade

HARM Missiles
Availability: DFMs on models with M/Class AIR only
Point Cost: 35 per Weapons System
Effect: Models attacked by weapons systems with the HARM SA do not receive any DV bonus provided by a friendly ECM Jamming action. Additionally, any attacks made by HARM equipped weapons against a model performing a Jamming action, receive a +1 to their RAV.

SA Changes

Gunship models with the Recon or Attack Roles Gain the Pop-Up SA.

New Action

Models with the M/Class TRACKED may elect to go hull down to provide a more stable gunnery platform. This Laze and Blaze action provides the model a benefit of +6 Range and +1 RAV when sitting still. To be able to use this, the model must not move during the same phase as its attack, before or after. The model may still perform other actions such as Target Lock or Repair actions. Laze and Blaze is a Non-Repeatable Action and is limited to use by models with MClass TRACKED.

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