About Mil-Net

Mil-Net has served the CAV community since early 2001, before CAV was even officially launched. Originally a small group of four fans, we started out with not much more than a forum and some news on the homepage, which was mostly copied from the original CAVHQ Yahoo! Group. We quickly grew over our first year though and were soon providing fans with sneak peeks at upcoming products, interviews with the people behind the scenes and breaking news. Over the past several years, we've continued to provide CAV fans with the latest news, fun contests and the occasional opportunity to influence their game.

In 2007, Mil-Net licensed the rights to create new CAV products from Reaper. At that point, we refocused our purpose from simply reporting about CAV and supporting the community, to providing new and fun - and most importantly regular - content. Our first purpose now is to design and develop new print products for CAV. By building upon Reaper's core CAV 2 rules, we can strengthen and grow the CAV Universe. Future CAV products from Mil-Net can be expected to contain new and original:

  • Special Abilities
  • Battlefield Assets
  • Battlefield Support Strikes
  • Task Force Upgrades
  • Faction Doctrines
  • Data Cards
  • Fiction
  • Artwork
  • and anything else we can think of!

To get a clearer picture of how Mil-Net operates and how its license effects CAV, read this post on our forums.

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