War for Sale

Scenario Book
Downloadable PDF

As the second Galaxy War rages, life has become even more difficult for those trying to live free of the tyranny imposed by the major national governments. Mercenary units have been torn apart as national militaries recall reservist veterans. Startup costs skyrocket as machines and materials are hoarded by the national militaries. Independent worlds face invasion, as the big six nations seek to capture resources and grow their power base.

Despite the chaos, a few hardy souls continue to fight for the freedom to live on their own terms. They believe that the adversity of war is an opportunity for profit. If war is what you are selling, business these days is good. Very good.

War For Sale is a sourcebook for the CAV 2nd Edition gaming system. It includes:

  • New fiction detailing the lives of mercenaries and pirates during the second Galaxy War
  • Details on eight major and nine minor mercenary, pirate, and independent units
  • Details on six ex-mercenary units who now fight for their native factions
  • 14 special Army Lists, seven new factional Doctrines, and new Special Abilities
  • 56 new data cards

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