Meet the Team

Thane "FreeFall" Barnier - Thane's freelanced for Reaper for a few years now. He was a contributing author for both the Warlord and CAV 2nd Edition Rulebooks and was the primary author of the Overlords faction book for Warlord. Thane will wear several hats here at Mil-Net, as the primary writer for both the Malvies and the Templars, as our Production Manager and sharing web development duties with me.

Rob "Chrome" Davis - In my spare time away from running the day to day operations here at Mil-Net for the past 6 years, Rob has served as an alpha and beta tester on almost every CAV product released and unreleased and was a contributing author for the CAV 2 rulebook. In addition to serving as the public face of Mil-Net, he'll also be acting as our Business Relations Manager, which is a fancy way of saying that he's the liaison between Mil-Net and Reaper for all of our business dealings. On the development side, Rob will be the primary author for the Ritterlich and our Project Manager.

James "KaiMaster" McCollum - James has been a Mil-Net admin since day one, but a lot of his stuff probably goes unnoticed behind the scenes. He's also been an alpha/beta play tester for Reaper for years. He's the guy we depend on to proof-read and edit our content and will continue that role as our Editor-in-Chief in addition to tackling the occasional tech issue or three.

Neil "Blitz" Nowatzki - There's not much to say other than go open your CAV 2 rulebook or JoR 2 and drool, then go play with your Starhawk VI's and Emperors. Neil will serve as Mil-Net's Art Director on both the web and print side of things.